Andrew Shiel, Stoke-on-Trent, Owner since 1998
“When we started trading in 1998 we neither had any previous experience of running a business or knew anything about the print industry. However, by following the Minuteman programme we have successfully built a very profitable business which is continuing to grow year on year. The support given by Minuteman staff was invaluable, particularly in the early days and it was reassuring to know that whatever situation arose, help was at hand and a solution would be provided.”

James Beckwith, Penticton, Swindon, Owner Since 2013
“Our business is growing and Minuteman Press is with us every step of the way; providing advice, guidance, opinion, and support for just about every aspect of the business. We did a lot of research and for us, Minuteman Press was the best choice we could have made to go into business for ourselves.”

Harshil Mehta, Uxbridge, Owner Since 2016
"Why printing and Minuteman Press?

Having reviewed various different franchise options, Minuteman Press, for me, had the most professional and practical approach. I re-call my first meeting with the Area Manager, I was explained the business model in great detail from start up costs and what happens when the business starts flourishing.

The transparency, reasonable initial franchise costs, royalty cap and regular business hours were all factors that contributed to making our decision."

Amit Patel, Edgware, Owner since 2014
“As someone who had bars, clubs and restaurants I worked 16-18 hour days. I started looking at what else was out there that could maintain the levels of income but give me more sociable hours. I attended the Franchise exhibition to see what new opportunities were out there. I came across Minuteman Press, I looked in to their business model and what they had to offer. I Discovered a business with so many diverse franchises within the brand I took the leap to join the Minuteman Press FAMILY. I had no clue about the printing, designing and marketing sector but with the training provided and the support from the team I haven’t looked back. The immense support that Minuteman Press give, ensures success. My business is growing at a great rate and will continue to do so with The Minuteman Press Brand.”

Ed Sharp, Altrincham, Owner Since 2009
“In October 2008 I was made redundant for the third time in 14 years after a 27 year career in Logistics, running national Transport & Warehousing Operations. I decided enough was enough so I started to look for a new career where I could run my own business & be in control of my own destiny. At that time being in recession I felt that the umbrella of a franchise would give me a little more security for my new venture. Minuteman Press was the clear favorite in my eyes.

I am by nature a people person as I had always worked with large management teams, the Minuteman team at the show had made an instant impression on me. Having declared my interest, over the coming weeks I visited about 5 different franchise owners all over the north west & the midlands, nothing was too much trouble. Initially we looked at starting up in Manchester city centre, premises were found & terms were being agreed. At the last minute an opportunity arose & I purchased an existing business in Altrincham. Negotiations were concluded with George being a massive help to me.

I went to Farmingdale for two weeks training, the content & trainers were again excellent. We opened in April 2009 with existing business only being about £1700 per month. Over the next few years the business grew quite rapidly.”

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Why Minuteman Press?
Why Minuteman Press?