Steps to Franchise Ownership

Step 1

Contact us to learn more about our business.

Step 2

Submit a franchise application. Review investment and financing options with your local representative.

Step 3

Place a refundable deposit.

Step 4

We research your areas of interest and find locations for you. We will negotiate a lease on your behalf subject to your approval.

Step 5

Once the location is secured, we enter into business with you and you will attend training school.

Step 6

Opening day and onsite training is continued.

When we started trading in 1998 we neither had any previous experience of running a business or knew anything about the print industry. However, by following the Minuteman programme we have successfully built a very profitable business which is continuing to grow year on year. The support given by Minuteman staff was invaluable, particularly in the early days and it was reassuring to know that whatever situation arose, help was at hand and a solution would be provided.
Andrew Shiel
Stoke-on-Trent - Owner Since 1998
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How quickly can you grow the business?
How quickly can you grow the business?