Top Ten Reasons to Become a Minuteman Press Franchisee

Our proven business model has over 40 years of experience, support and business development expertise.

As one of the largest support teams in franchising, we have 28 regional offices that assist our owners on-site, from management to marketing assistance.

Virtually limitless revenue streams provide consumable products and services to businesses. Anything you can put a name, image or logo on, we can produce.

Our unique royalty incentive programme means our owners are receiving far more in value than they pay in royalties because of our capped royalty structure. Royalties are capped at a monthly sales level, meaning you do not pay any royalties on sales above that level.

We have a business with a high net-to-gross ratio with multiple revenue streams and the ability to manufacture products at lower costs than ever before. By following the program and working hard, you have a fantastic opportunity for growth within our model.

We have Monday-through-Friday business hours because, as a business-to-business service franchise, we want to service the needs of the business community while maintaining a nice quality of life for our franchise owners.

Our flexible business model gives you the opportunity to grow and expand. We lay out all the systems and guidelines for you to follow, and our people are there when you need us. It’s your business—you control it. We have found that the owners who follow the system the closest are generally the most successful. Remember, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Every business is a potential customer. Every business uses some kind of advertising or marketing items, from brochures and direct mail campaigns to apparel, marketing materials and promotional items. We also offer full graphic design services. If you can put an image or logo on it, we can get it done.

Business-to-business operation. Our target market is businesses and organisations in and around your community, making each of these businesses a potential customer. You will have the peace of mind of dealing with like-minded professionals who use the products and services you offer while having the self-satisfaction of helping them grow their businesses.

Exit strategy. When it comes time to sell your business, we will help you sell it. Our experienced staff will introduce you to qualified buyers who have a sincere interest in buying your franchise. You will not have the hassle or expense of doing it yourself or dealing with and paying a broker.

Having been in the Motor industry for 10 years working long and unsociable hours with very little reward I decided to look at running my own business so that I could control my own destiny. As I had no previous experience in running my own business I decided to look into franchising. Running my Minuteman Press Franchise has not only helped me to secure my financial future but it has allowed me to enjoy a work/life balance that I once thought I would never see. The training and support given has been great and it needed to be as I didn’t have the first clue about running a print, marketing and design business. My business has gone from strength to strength and I intend on continuing to build my operation with Minuteman Press.
Amad Hassan
Oxford – Owner since 2010
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How Has Your Business Grown?
How Has Your Business Grown?