Minuteman Press owners come from all walks of life and various careers. A large majority of our owners do not have prior industry experience, and many of them have never owned a business. We have developed a comprehensive two-week training program staffed with professional training personnel who are experienced with our industry and our company. Our trainers have been with Minuteman Press since the beginning or have grown with us over many years. In training we assume two things: you have no prior background in the industry and you have never owned and operated your own business.
Our training program covers all aspects of owning and operating a successful centre. Our system has been continually refined and updated over the past 40 years. During the training, we’ll teach you all aspects of the business, from marketing and management to pricing. We have also developed proprietary business management and pricing software that is regarded as the best in the industry. It makes running a Minuteman Press centre easier and more efficient. The software, FLEX, enables you to track all of your marketing efforts, customer spending habits, pricing and workflow.

Initial Setup

Once you complete training school, a representative from your local regional office will continue your training at your location. They will assist in the setup of the business, which includes everything from guidance on staffing and starting the marketing programs to establishing the centre within your local business community.

  • Once renovations are completed, we will assist in the set-up of your location.
  • We will help install and implement the work flow systems.
  • We will assist you in finding both of your staff members.
  • Both national and local vendors will be set up for purchasing products and supplies.
  • We will start your marketing programs with you and show you how they work.
Your local support team will continue to work with you to help get you comfortable with the day to day functioning of your new business. We a have vested interest in your success.
Head office will negotiate specific franchise-wide deals with major suppliers, making it less expensive to purchase the products you need to produce clients jobs. They also supply the means of delivering your email marketing campaigns and even supply suggested images/layouts for such things! They also organize a bi-annual World Exposition where all the top suppliers to our industry display their products and put on special offers to delegates. In the years where there isn’t a World Expo, they put on a UK national conference instead.
Keith Cohen
Falkirk – Owner since 2012
At Minuteman Press, we offer ongoing local support in your location
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Learn About Our Initial Training & Support
Learn About Our Initial Training & Support