Sample menu produced by Minuteman Press franchise in Falkirk, Scotland for business client North Star Pizza.

Minuteman Press in Falkirk Helps North Star Pizza Promote Its Brand in Scotland

More than a half-decade in business, a dedicated local restaurant owner remains loyal to Keith Cohen’s Minuteman Press franchise in appreciation for marketing services that keep hungry crowds gathering in Falkirk, Scotland.

Keith Cohen knows the potency that a properly run Minuteman Press franchise can infuse into a marketing campaign.  “I’ve owned this business nearly 5 years and I worked for the previous owner for 4 years before becoming the owner.”

Keith was once responsible for the lithographic, digital and print finishing and developed technical command of the design, digital print and marketing centre that would eventually be his own, to the great benefit of his community of Falkirk.  “I initially began working at Minuteman Press after relocating from Leeds (England) and was ’employed’ on an ad hoc basis. Whenever the previous owner had any litho work in, he’d call me up and I’d come in and get it done. Because it wasn’t guaranteed work, I also had another job which I worked in the afternoon or evening and I would go in and do my printing work in the morning, if there was any to be done.”

Over time, with hard work and persistence, Keith worked his way onto the staff full-time.  “Ok, I’m not a designer but I said I’d take care of all the printing duties, both litho and digital, and the print finishing, leaving the other designer free to do all the design and customer service. So, I became a full time member of staff. I gradually started getting more involved with customer service along the way.”

“Seeing or hearing of people attending an event or visiting a cafe or restaurant because of something we’ve worked on is always good. If my customer is busy, he comes back to us for more!” – Keith Cohen, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom

It is the most successful entrepreneurs who have initiative, so when the previous owner decided it was time to retire, Keith and his partner Lyn bought a printing franchise, one into which he had already poured his generous dedication for years as an employee.  His leadership is a combination of connecting with his staff members as one of their own, thanks to all those times he firmly took initiatives as part of the production team. Also, as his humble, yet commanding approach helps his clients get to the crux of their brand message, they bring it to perfection through print and digital channels.

Keith’s voice joins the highest achieving of his fellow franchisees when he says, “I particularly get enjoyment from helping new-start business get off the ground by providing them with relevant marketing materials including flyers, banners and signage. I know that if we do a good job for them and they can make a success of their business, they’ll not only come back to us but will also recommend us to others.”

North Star is a bar, cafe and pizzeria, located not far from Minuteman Press in Falkirk, Central Scotland.

The perfect pizza is to be found here and making sure everyone knows it is an ongoing production of print and marketing services provided by his marketing services provider, Keith Cohen, whose center is just a few hundred yards down the road from the restaurant.  Serving pizza to guests and providing takeaway and delivery – as well as a wide range of beers and cocktails, plus arranging for live music throughout the week and DJs at weekends, make all age groups and personalities happy enough to come back for more.

The printed representations of North Star’s brand include cocktail and takeaway menus to impressive posters, large and small flyers and special promotional pieces and Keith is ready to accommodate unorthodox requests and tight schedules, as needed.   He says, “Colin tends to supply us with his own artwork and he sometimes has some ‘unique’ ideas! A couple of years ago, he wanted us to print his menus on paper similar to a little scrap of paper he’d got from somewhere. We couldn’t source the same type of paper from any of our suppliers but we took a scan of the sample and were able to use that as the background on the print file, dropping his own artwork on top of it. The result was just what he was looking for.”

Colin Green opened North Star Pizza sixteen years ago and he has remained a loyal client of Minuteman Press in all of that time.  “We have used Minuteman Press (which I think opened roughly the same time) pretty consistently since then, although it’s with Keith and his team I’ve worked most closely.  The types of material we have printed reflect the different facets of business and most recently we had labels (for use on pizza boxes printed for the first time,” he shares.

“In the years since we opened, online services, including printing, have become increasingly popular, but I would far rather have the one-to-one contact and advice which we get from Keith and the staff at Minuteman Press.” – Colin Green, owner of North Star Pizza in Falkirk

Minuteman Press franchise owner Keith Cohen (left) and North Star Pizza restaurant owner Colin Green (right) have been working together as B2B partners for 16 years.

Minuteman Press franchise owner Keith Cohen (left) and North Star Pizza restaurant owner Colin Green (right) have been working together as B2B partners for 16 years.

The relief that the modern printing industry provides hard-working business owners like Colin is such that any need he might have related to designing, printing or promoting his business is not his burden alone.  He explains, “We spent some time recently in his office looking at the most economical and effective way of sizing and laying-out artwork for labels, which would’ve been a real headache trying to sort over the phone or by email.  With scenarios like this, I feel confident with Keith’s judgement to make decisions on our behalf re quantities, paper type, finish, etc.   And importantly, prices have been just as good as or better than other local or online printers.”

In fact, thanks to the personal nature of the service Keith and Minuteman Press provide, there is room to enjoy his partnership in marketing and the folks at North Star express their gratitude in a most delicious way.  As Keith says, “Colin comes to me most Fridays with a tight deadline for posters needed for that day!! He’ll quite often bring us a couple of pizzas as an expression of his gratitude at getting his work done so quickly and I can say in all honesty, I think they are the best pizzas in town!”

Acknowledging that the passion he has for putting an end to the search for the perfect pizza can be demanding, Colin shares with confidence, “I probably do test their patience to the limit, as it’s not unusual on a Friday afternoon to be running down the road with a last minute ‘life or death’ order for some weekend event, but they’re always great in accommodating such requests – especially when a pizza’s on offer! – and for such reasons I’ll continue to use the friendly, local service of Keith and his crew and Minuteman Press.”

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