Meet The Team of Minuteman Press, Dunfermline, Scotland - L-R: Ronnie Hunter; Dan Georgescu; Nicole Barron; and Iain Gosman.

Minuteman Press Franchise in Dunfermline, Scotland Promotes Clients Such As Sky Media & QFI Roofline

Iain Gosman and his team at Minuteman Press provides digital printing, design, and marketing services that keeps clients happy. Sky Media, the advertising arm of UK broadcasting giant, and QFI Roofline Scotland are two satisfied customers…

Iain Gosman proves that you can buy a business, enliven it with a lifetime worth of knowledge and make people feel at ease, even as deadlines tempt a stressful mood.  Iain handles things and when there’s a problem, he can aggressively find the solution when others cannot and do so in good humour, an uncommon capability that draws people to seek his help.  Perhaps some credit for his tenacity should be attributed to the British Army, where as a member of their armed forces, he trained for survival in both the jungle and the arctic.  Fearlessness and wit are gifts he brings into his Minuteman Press franchise in Dunfermline, a digital print, design and marketing services centre with a brand that leads Scotland further into the modern printing industry.

It is no wonder the six years Iain spent running an employment placement franchise grew tiresome. His dauntless pursuit of new challenges and refusal to sacrifice joy and laughter in life were suited more for building business together, directly, with his clients…and having the weekends off for good times.  “I owned an employment franchise for almost 6 years and when that grew tiresome, I almost moved abroad, but circumstances changed. I wanted to grow a business I could keep for a long time and I no longer wanted the 24/7 demand of the recruitment business and I knew I wanted a franchise for the proven model.”  As he sat in a coffee shop, looking over a business magazine, Iain started to make some calls and one was to a representative from Minuteman Press International.

“I liked the sound of what Minuteman Press had to offer and the prospect of training at world headquarters in New York sealed the deal for me,” Iain says.  “It was 2006, and I wrote and went on a plane to training in New York, where I met good people and encountered a nor’easter. I enjoyed walking in the snow to the bar & grill by our hotel. Also, the training was good as they took time to explain things as needed, particularly David Scadin (Co-Director of Training), who was a lot of fun.  Mike Jutt (Executive Vice President and Director of Training) is a straight-shooter and I respect him.  The entire experience was one I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Iain went into training to open his new Minuteman Press franchise with his own business intelligence, but came out armed with a decades-established leader in the B2B services industry, one that would support him even on the local level.  He was to become one of Scotland’s leading marketing services provider, but first, his new centre needed its grand opening.  “My set-up was done and regardless of my experience as a franchise owner, it is still a daunting situation to buy a new business, to actually open the doors for the first time.  I came in with my management experience as the local support team helped me with the set-up. From the beginning, I started to market on a regular basis and we picked up some clients and started to grow a little, but then came the recession of 2008.  Companies we got as clients went bust, we covered our overheads and as one of our Vice Presidents, George Holzmacher said, ‘mental toughness’, was how we got through it.”

“We wish people to feel at home when they come to our centre for help and they do. We know when we can have a laugh with them and when it is time to be serious, but we are always professional. They never have to worry and that is another way we are distinct from the competition.” – Iain Gosman, owner, Minuteman Press, Dunfermline, Scotland

Iain took the proven system of Minuteman Press International, now his ally, and he infused the networking and marketing instruction from training with his own voice, one that ideally suited his local audience.  He was unafraid to take the reins and lead his new business as his community learned he commanded far more than the ability to put ink on paper.  The capabilities of his marketing services are established and working to the benefit of clients in all industries as he and his team continue to earn a strong reputation with jobs well done.  “In the early days, we hired a press operator easily and started gathering work. Thankfully, over the years, we built more vendor relationships and the vendor facilities themselves improved.  Also, speaking to other franchise owners helped me and being part of this network is definitely a benefit.”

Of the staff that brings their talent to work for Iain, there is Nicole handling design, digital printing and finishing since 2008, Dan, who came to Iain with design experience that is put to good use and Ronnie Hunter, a seasoned printing industry veteran with 50 years of experience.  “I like to think I brought print experience into the centre and I have a lot of contacts from my career which we utilise.  We are broadening our offerings so we can make more margin while taking care of every project entrusted to us here at Minuteman Press in Dunfermline.  We try not to make mistakes, but our customer service is second to none.  If a problem arises, we take care of it quickly, protect our reputation and keep people coming back for good reason.”

“I am older and have been in this industry for a long time, so I know what works and what doesn’t. Minuteman Press is more than a print shop.  We are a full-service marketing solutions provider.  It is how Iain operates his centre and it is how we continue to grow.”  – Ronnie Hunter, printing industry veteran and employee, Minuteman Press, Dunfermline, Scotland

Some people might not realise the superiority of a true marketing services provider like Minuteman Press, but then there are those who know better, even big-name clients.  For instance, Sky Media is the sales arm of Sky, a company that reaches over 95% of the UK population.  A representative from Sky walked through the front door at Minuteman Press Dunfermline for help with a project.  The media giant placed an order that a typical print shop simply would not be able to handle, but Iain and Ronnie were ready.  Ronnie explains, “They needed a unique way to train their staff to sell a new product, so we helped design a game for this purpose.  We produced 540 complete educational games, complete with 54,000 playing cards, labeled counters, rules sheets and branded boxes, all contained in a drawstring bag.”

Sky Media was absolutely delighted with the entire production and distributed these games (played much like Monopoly), to their staff throughout Europe.  Now Sky Media has employees with customised educational games that, through play, assure greater service to their own clients and further growth.  It is exactly how Iain Gosman leads his Minuteman Press franchise, with wit and the knowledge and technology attached to the modern printing industry.  He says, “We completed the job in eight or nine working days and we got the price down for them in the U.K., saving them money.”

QFI Roofline Scotland, approved installers of the UK’s leading brand of Roofline and Firestone products continue to win new business thanks to the marketing services of Minuteman Press in Dunfermline

Knocking on doors and meeting people representing business in all industries yields opportunities.  Minuteman Press International has seen its strongest franchise owners develop deep ties with clients in this way.  Iain took this knowledge and confirms it’s true, “In this day of business and social media, people still want face to face interaction.  Ronnie went and visited QFI two and half years ago and today, we do all of their design, and produce their print and marketing materials.”

“We provide them with the highest quality twelve-page brochures, contract sets, presentation folders, monthly vouchers, internal and external signage, as well as traditional business stationery.  They know they will get consistent, excellent service and products – and they get it on time.  I spend time making sure everything is done right and take nothing for granted, so they get our best,” Ronnie explains.

Susan Gordon from GFI Roofline, reflects on the partnership that makes her job easier, “We moved to Minuteman in 2015 after Ronnie popped in to introduce himself.  He had some samples of Minuteman products with him, he exuded a warm professional nature and he took the time to listen to what our requirements were.  From that initial meeting, we have never looked back.”

She continues with appreciation, “We regularly order vouchers which our door canvassers use. Once the proof is agreed (usually same day as our initial order), we receive the vouchers the very next day, delivered by Ronnie.  Fabulous service.  Moving forward, we will continue to use Minuteman Press for all our ongoing requirements in view of their service, competitive prices and their willingness to assist & respond to any queries.”

As Minuteman Press, led by franchise owners such as Iain Gosman, continue to define what Scotland and the rest of the world expects from the printing industry, possibilities expand.  They are building business together with clients and they are doing it in ways many people are learning begin on paper, but go far beyond.  As Susan concludes, “We have ordered numerous products from Minuteman Press and each time our expectations have been exceeded.  The service we receive from Ronnie, Iain, Dan & Nicole are second to none and we would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone that asks.”