Pictured from Left to Right: David Watson, Minuteman Press International Area Manager, Scotland; Janet and Gary McSkimming, Minuteman Press franchisees, Kilmarnock, Scotland; and Bob Titus, Minuteman Press International President & CEO. http://www.minutemanpress.co.uk

Minuteman Press in Kilmarnock, Scotland Helps Two Judo Gold Medalists Pin Down the Best Marketing Strategies for Their Business

Louise Renicks and her sister Kimberly won Scotland’s first Gold Medals for Judo in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Today, Kimberly counts upon Minuteman Press to design and print everything for her Judo students.

Gary and Janet McSkimming were intent on making family time the central focus of their lives.  They did this by forming an alliance with Minuteman Press International when they signed their franchise agreement in February 2017, buying an existing printing business that needed their intention to use a proven system with tireless dedication.  It seemed a victory for people who were hard workers anyway, but wanted to collect a greater reward for all of their efforts.

“I was in the Merchant Navy for 20 years as a Chief Officer,” Gary explains. “I switched to becoming a business owner as I wanted to spend more time with my kids.  I worked away from home half the year, so working on the land full time now is a complete change of pace for me.” With her husband present in Scotland full-time now, Janet still works part-time in a woolen mill shop not far from their Kilmarnock Minuteman Press franchise, but the future promises plentiful family time.

Through their bold career choice, the McSkimmings make clear that the first reward for hard work should be more time with those we love with greater influence on personal prosperity.  Minuteman Press franchise owners realize these rewards all over the world and Scotland is part of the modern printing industry through the marketing service providers such as Gary and Janet.  The community of Kilmarnock is discovering the difference between a quick print shop and the digital print, design and marketing capabilities of their local Minuteman Press…and it is a very welcome distinction.  Gary is finding his role to be a pleasure beyond his bottom line. He says, “I enjoy when customers return to my store and hearing that the marketing materials we have helped design and print have positively affected the growth of their business.”

At the time that he took over control of Minuteman Press in Kilmarnock, Gary decided to retain the good services of graphic designer Suze, who had experience with the current client base.  “I bought an existing centre and believed it had more potential.  We had a modest re-grand opening with banners outside and social media posts to announce our arrival to the area.  I did have some concern that I would lose some customers as ‘the new guy’, but they were happy to stay with us and we have grown our business since this time last year with our efforts and support from Minuteman Press International, including our Area Manager Dave Watson.  I am still fairly new so the advice Dave has provided has been invaluable to me, especially with challenging jobs.”

While he said it was a change of pace turning away from the travel demands of his former career to run his own business, Gary appreciates the nature of his new position as marketing services provider. He says, “I love the variety of customers I have, every job is different and I never have a boring day.  A more personalised approach is important in the B2B industry as most of my customers prefer knowing who they are speaking to in our shop and like to know that their print is in capable hands in this way.”

Gold Medalist Louise Renicks knows her Judo brand is well represented thanks to Minuteman Press

Kimberly and Louise Renicks are heroes in Scotland for making sure their homeland, also hosting country for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, won the first gold medals in front of a thrilled crowd.  Years after the sisters’ Gold Medal victory brought pride to Scotland, they decided to bring her martial art, Judo, to the children in her community.

Since winners attract winners and Kimberly needed to promote her business, she walked into her local Minuteman Press in Kilmarnock for expert help from printed collateral to branded attire.  “Louise held a Judo class close to our shop and dropped in one day. She now has been a customer for over a year now.  We do flyers and branded clothing for Louise. The most challenging part was designing a photo to be used on garments which Louise wanted embroidered which will be used on her clothing and her students’ judo clothing.”

Kimberly knows that victories that she and her sister worked hard to secure for Scotland have attracted an audience and she trusts Gary and Janet at Minuteman Press to keep them happy and help her students wear their brand with pride.  She says, “I would like to say thank you for everything that the Minuteman Press has completed for me over the past few months. This has been a bit fast moving and having various leaflets and now the logo for the club has made a difference to the business.”

Gary’s decision to buy a Minuteman Press franchise continues to create a situation in Scotland where partnerships are secured, everyone wins and growth is in the future for all.

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