Richard and Jayne Morgan, award-winning franchisees, Minuteman Press printing and marketing franchise, Helensburgh, Scotland.

Award-Winning Minuteman Press Franchise in Helensburgh, Scotland Gives Clients Clear Marketing Vision in the United Kingdom

Among the many businesses and non-profits that partner with Jayne and Richard Morgan, Helensburgh Eyecare is one of the most loyal and for good reason.

Richard and Jayne Morgan are marketing services providers with a genuine investment in the victories of the many professionals who trust them to promote their messages, whatever they may be. It is no wonder, then, that Richard and Jayne’s Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Helensburgh, Scotland was recently awarded the Best Print Marketing Agency 2018 at the Scottish Enterprise Awards.

Though Richard began his career as a surveyor after leaving school and his last position was as an IT consultant while Jayne’s last role in the workforce was in the Police Force Control Room.  Both earned great respect, but neither had any experience in the printing industry.  It was no matter, as they had gathered tremendous capabilities and leadership skills enough to contribute greatness to the Minuteman Press brand that they call their own.  Plus, they can count upon a lifetime of support from their franchisor.

The training they received from Minuteman Press International and their own impressive ability to adapt to every situation have made the couple’s venture prime for growth. It enabled the family to be at the core of their days, as it should be. “We have four children ranging in age from 11 to 16 years old,” says Jayne, who adds (jokingly and with a wink), “and we have been known to use occasional child labour in our centre.”

Before their grand opening, she worked as a Police Dispatcher in the Force Control Room in Aberdeen and was even promoted to Shift Manager, but the time to take command of their futures was upon them in 2015 and it was not neglected. Further, it has become an enjoyable adventure to help others build successes beyond what is possible to do alone.  She explains, “I enjoy offering marketing and branding advice and always advise customers to raise brand awareness across as many platforms as possible.  I’m conscious though that I should remain aware of the customer’s budget and make sure I give them the best possible value for their money.”

The Helensburgh area is rife with artists and crafters and they blend their creative intuition with the practical expertise and care that Jayne and Richard have in abundance for each project. “We have produced bookmarks, folded greeting cards and postcards amongst other things, from the artists’ originals.  We all enjoy this type of project.”

“Our business consists of me, my husband Richard and our Creative Designer, Euan.  Euan is very good at what he does and always goes the extra mile to satisfy our more demanding customers.  I’m the face of our business and am out marketing and chatting to our customers to find out how we can help them grow their businesses.  Richard does everything else aside from marketing, he even turns his hand (at busy times) to the design work!” – Jayne Morgan

Minuteman Press in Helensburgh leads the modern printing industry’s favourite brand with a heart, offering discounts to charities on all of the jobs they produce. They have been known to waive design fees, so charities in particular, can get high quality results at very competitive prices.  “In return,” Jayne adds, “those charities are happy for us to include our strapline in the printing we produce for them.”

Helensburgh Eyecare has been one of their best customers in the more than 3 years Jayne and Richard have been in business and the ties that bind them are friendship and fruitful results.

Michelle Beavers Conway has been a friend from before they started their business and was very supportive when Jayne marketed at her business.   Jayne shares, “We print their patient record cards, business stationery, wedding stationery and also print and do the mailing for their quarterly newsletter.”

When Michelle was given the chance to share her impressions of her partnership with Minuteman Press, it was a pleasure for her.  “We have been working with Jayne for a few years now. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and the team. As well as all the usual posters and last minute printing Jayne and the gang produce and post our quarterly newsletters to approximately 1100 people. Having Minuteman Press prepare and post the newsletters for us makes it easy for us to keep in touch with our customers and they are always commenting on the high quality of the newsletter and how much they enjoy receiving them. Jayne is always at the end of the phone when we run out of cards or forget to print a poster for an event. She is straight on it and brings it up to us with a smile and some chat. Their customer service really is second to none.”

Common print is foreign to Helensburgh Eyecare as they are building business together with the best in the UK and it helps them leap ahead of the crowd, Michelle explains, “They recently designed folders and wallets of excellent quality for us which helps us to stand out from the usual poor quality junk mail that we are all bombarded with.”

Personal ties that bind them to Minuteman Press are also of the matrimonial kind.  “Two of our girls got married recently and Jayne and the team designed and produced all their invites, place settings, and wedding stationery for them both. They were delighted with the end result and the time Jayne took getting to know what they wanted so she could come up with the perfect package for them,” she adds.

Jayne reflects on their first meeting and the history they have developed together thus far, “We knew Michelle through our daughters, who were friends since primary school.  I marketed to them soon after we opened and started small, printing their patient record cards etc.  We then built up slowly to printing all their business stationery and then their quarterly newsletter (including the mailing).  When Sam and then Lorna got married they approached us to design and print their wedding stationery and it was a privilege to do.  They were both such different designs, very individual.  That is one of my favourite types of job.”

The continuing intention is to keep on growing on every level and Michelle is undoubtedly sure they have a lasting partnership for exactly that purpose.  Her approval comes also in terms of comparison to other printers. She shares, “We will absolutely continue to work with Minuteman Press, having worked with several unreliable printing companies with variable results. Finding Jayne and the team at Helensburgh Minuteman Press is a breath of fresh air; not only do they provide excellent customer service but also great value for money.”

When you are a genuine ally, people want you around and Jayne is experiencing the good favour of her authenticity.  “My customers tell me that they appreciate seeing me on a regular basis as it gives them confidence that if there was to be an issue with their job that they would not be left high and dry, that we would do everything we could to make sure our jobs are top quality and delivered on time at a competitive price (with a smile)!”

The husband and wife franchise team that left careers far from the printing industry are now champions in marketing for their clients. Their technical, creative and ethical foundation continues to strengthen as time progresses…and all of it is personal.  As Jayne concludes, “I think the key with B2B customers is the same with any customer – build a relationship with them, deliver a service beyond their expectations and be there for them throughout the whole process.”

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