Shipping and Mailing Franchise
Shipping and Mailing Franchises Provide Necessary Services to All Businesses
Why research a Shipping and Mailing Franchise?
Shipping, packaging and mailing services are essential to virtually any business.

Mailing: Mailing is just one of the many services a Minuteman Press location can provide. As an owner, you have the ability to partner with businesses and show them how to grow. The larger your client’s business grows, the more products and services they will purchase.

Shipping & Packaging: A viable profit center for a business service franchise that some Minuteman Press locations provide. Minuteman Press owners have the option to offer shipping and packaging services but many choose to focus their efforts on more profitable services such as printing, mailing and promotional items that generate high repeat business.
Getting started with Minuteman Press is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 0800 756 6332 so we can speak with you and invite you to speak with our local team and meet with owners directly in your area.
As someone who had bars, clubs and restaurants I worked 16-18 hour days. I started looking at what else was out there that could maintain the levels of income but give me more sociable hours. I attended the Franchise exhibition to see what new opportunities were out there. I came across Minuteman Press, I looked in to their business model and what they had to offer. I discovered a business with so many diverse franchises within the brand I took the leap to join the Minuteman Press FAMILY. I had no clue about the printing, designing and marketing sector but with the training provided and the support from the team I haven’t looked back. The immense support that Minuteman Press give, ensures success. My business is growing at a great rate and will continue to do so with The Minuteman Press Brand.
Amit Patel
Edgware - Owner Since 2014
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Why Minuteman Press?
Why Minuteman Press?